Best way for iOS notifications

Vikunja looks great so far for my needs. However, the incompatibility with iOS‘ CalDAV is a big issue for me. While I can open the webpage to view open tasks instead of the reminders app, I want to receive notifications for some tasks.

I don‘t think emails are a suitable workflow for notifications. What alternatives do you know? I tried several third-party apps but couldn‘t find one that supports CalDAV. Do you have recommendations?

And are there any news on the issue in general? I have absolutely no skills here to help but there is probably a reason why software like Nextcloud has a dedicated CalDAV link for iOS/macOS that differs from the main CalDAV link.

Ideally, the app would do these notifications. Since the app is not really in a working state, that’s unfortunately not really an option.

A possible way to solve this would be to fix the caldav implementation so that it understands the apple adjustments. Caldav is quite a complex protocol so I don’t see that happening any time soon either.

Open for other suggestions.

Apprise maybe?