Caldav with ios, macos, SOGo and thunderbird

I just finished to run your app in proxmox/debian/docker … I seems to work very fine !
Many thanks !!! :clap:
I’m trying to use caldav … :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

mac / calendar : I can connect to the URL,

  • I can see it on the left’s windows. But I can do nothing

ios iphone or ipad : I can connect to the URL,

  • It appears in the calendar ; I can put a new meeting in that calendar : it appears a few seconds in the ios calendar and disappears … I don’t know where
  • it appears in the reminder with a the strange name QSDFKJ23409 (??? out of nowhere ???) ; i can add a reminder on that calendar ; i appears a few seconds in the ios reminder, disappears and appears in the vikunja’s tasks
  • when I have a task in another calendar, I can’t switch it to our calendar !

a calendar in a selfhosted mailcow ( : I can add the URL,

  • the account appears … but I can’t add either task or event !

thunderbird : I can add the URL.

  • I can fill a task in the adhoc windows in the right calendar but when I click ok, the tasks disappear.
  • I can’t add an event
  • I can’t switch a task from another calendar to the right one.

So, I’m a bit disappointed :frowning:

I read that it was not possible for now ? Anything new ?
Do you know a small client/server that could act between this two world ?

Vikunja does not support calendars via caldav, only tasks. The app works great with Vikunja.