Android app resurrection

Hi. I have forked the vikunja android app and tried to get it running.
It is now in a state where it works for me, and I would like feedback from some of you.
Known issues:

  • Server URL must not include trailing /
  • Task editing only supports title, description and Done

Link to release:


Wow nice work! Did you fork the app from the repo on or from github? They differ a bit and the one on Github is more functional than the one on the Gitea instance (I really need to archive the repo on the Gitea).

Probably the easiest to make sure it has a trailing /, no matter what the user entered?

Yes, that’s simply because that was almost all the functionality it had back when I initially set out to build the app. It’s been quite a while…
Ideally the app would have feature parity with the web frontend at some point.

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Oops! I didn’t know there was a variant on GitHub too :confused: I only saw the one on kolaente and went with it. Anyways, I guess it doesn’t matter now. Or are there any big differences that make it worth merging?

Yes definitely, I just haven’t gotten around to doing it. Just seemed like too important of a bug to not mention if someone were to try it.

I’m trying to set up a roadmap. What do you think are the most important features? I’ve mostly been working on small optimisations until now.

On a side note, I won’t be able to test it on IOS.

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You’re a hero. Hope this will lead to something functional soon :slight_smile:

Notifications !

Edit: tried to install it on my Xiaomi Mi9T (MIUI Global 12.1.4)

Infinite loading

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Thanks for the feedback! That happened when the owner is null, however, I fixed it just now in v0.0.2-alpha
Let me know if this fixes things!

Sadly, notifications are notoriously difficult. There are two ways to do notifications:

  • have a constant connection to the server (is battery hungry, doesn’t work on IOS at all)
  • easier: through firebase, however, each user would also need a firebase account. This is possible but also needs server-side implementation. I have not looked at the way desktop notifications work for vikunja at all.

It is working ! Awesome :slight_smile:

For some reason, my “favorites” section is empty.
Also, one functionality that’d be great to have is show / hide completed tasks.

As for notifications… one day, maybe …

Thanks for your work. I’ll be following :slight_smile:

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I cannot debug this. Does this list have some special properties? Can you reproduce this behaviour when creating a new list?

This works now in v0.0.3-alpha

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None of my favorite lists appear. They don’t have any special properties. Tried creating a new list from favorites tab : the list is not created.

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Oh yeah, you’re right. Sorry haha, I’m still very unfamiliar with all the features of Vikunja, I only recently started using it. :slight_smile:

This error was only partly my fault because the API returns -2 as a namespace id for favourites but doesn’t return the lists on /namespaces/-2/lists. @kolaente, is this intended behaviour? Couldn’t the backend handle this?

Anyways, I implemented a fix. see v0.0.4-alpha


Sandy, I wasn’t able to install your APK on my phone, probably due to the architecture or something.

The GitHub one has a few more changes and is slightly more up to date than the other one. Sorry for the confusion, I’ve just archived the one on

Small optimizations are a good step, given the state the app is currently in. After a working version, I think notifications, sharing and the other app views (in that order). Maybe user settings as well.

That should theoretically already work. What api version are you testing against?

Hello. Thanks for revising the app. Unfortunately, the app is currently not usable for me, but it is definitely better than the Vikunja original version! Good job! I’m from Microsoft Todo, so I’m missing some features. I would like to see the following features: Add Note via Andorid Quick Start tiles + exact expiration time and reminders.
If you want you can look at Microsoft’s Todo, then see what I mean.
Have a nice day :slight_smile:

I’m not sure we mean the same thing under quick start tiles but the newest release (v0.0.11-alpha) now has support for a tile in the Quick Settings menu. (above notifications)

What do you mean by this? You can already see the exact time in the task edit menu.

Wow, did they incorporate the quick tile feature so quickly? Good job. Really! That was exactly what I needed and what I meant.

I mean this menu:

I would wish that the times “1 week” etc are gone and stately something like that gets there.

The same with a date picker

[Sorry, the pictures are on German because I’m from Germany and my phone is on German. I hope they still understand what I mean :slightly_smiling_face:]

As I said before, I’m coming from Microsoft ToDo, where the quick addition of ToDo’s looks like this:

This will appear at the very bottom of the screen and the background will only get a little darker. I would find it great if the quick start tile does not open the app but only this small popup where you can quickly enter the text and the expiration time, click on add and quickly continue with what you just did.

This, of course, would need the popup permission of Android. However, the user can grant this to the app.

I think it’s really great that they do that, I can’t thank them enough.

There are two more things I would like to see.

  1. Translation. For me, a German translation would be perfect, I would also make myself available for this to translate button texts from English to German.

  2. Google Play. I’m not familiar with the field and don’t know how complex it is, but it would be great if they published the app on Google Play so that me and other users could always benefit from the latest version without manually reinstalling. That would be really great.

PS: I created this account by mistake, my real account is Hyp3r. I will no longer use this one. Please reply to @Hyp3r

So, I know that was a lot now, and I can understand it 100% if that’s too much for them. I would like to thank them for the work they have done! Thank you!

I wish them and everyone else here a nice day.
Stay healthy.

Sounds like a good idea tbh. I’ll add it to my todo. I actually like the quick selection so maybe I’ll add a tab where you can switch between the two views.

I tried it out on MS ToDo. It’s cool but will probably not happen soon for vikunja. It’d require quite a large rewrite of the app, and I think other features are just more important right now. Writing platform-specific code in combination with flutter is never fun. Don’t get me wrong, this would be a cool enhancement but it’s just not worth it.

Good idea, but also requires quite a large rewrite which just consumes time I sadly do not have right now. Definitely an enhancement that will come before the app is ready for a stable release…

…which brings me to the final point. Publishing to google play is quite tedious. You cannot just release a new version each night, it takes time for your releases to reach users. I also do not feel comfortable publishing a release which is obviously not ready for daily use.
There will be a google play release when (/if) the app (ever) reaches a state close to matching all desktop features without bugs. But right now, this just does not make sense.
I have been thinking about adding a feature that checks github for new releases whenever you open the app and reminds you to update, but I personally hate that feature in other apps.

Sorry for denying so many of your requests, but I really appreciate the feedback. This is the only way the app can grow! If it’s of no trouble to you, please use github for future feature requests since we can have a nicer overview there.

Also, adding your actual account in a quote so you see this reply: @Hyp3r


Rather than building yet another app specific to the tool, why not focus on improving CalDAV integration and potentially extending it, so it works with a variety of existing apps rather than relying on local maintainership?

As for releasing into a store, F-Droid is the obvious choice :wink:

AFAIK there’s no way to get CalDAV to work with sharing settings, kanban, gantt or the list/namespace concept.

Kanban and Gantt views can be derived if all information is encoded in the task, each list can be a separate CalDAV feed and contain a namespace property.

Is anyone actively working on the app? Looks like the last commit was ~3 months ago. I haven’t used flutter before but, I am willing to learn to help continue the development.

I am, but it works as well as I need it to, and as no one is requesting features, I put this project on the backburner as I’m pretty busy with other stuff. If you have problems/feature requests, let me know. If you want to start to learn flutter, do it. This app is probably great if you need it as a flutter example but I will admit that most of the code is not actually the prettiest.


I was thinking of implementing the other list views, starting with the kanban view as that’s how I plan to primarily use Vikunja. I have a lot of free time at the moment so I am more than happy to work on it myself.