Custom development: tasklist with sidebar

I think Vikunja is great but the UI is honestly lacking here and there. My main problems coming from Toodledo and liking TickTick was:

  • Separate Page for Task details instead of beeing able to edit everything directly within the same page and not loosing focus
  • easily changing start date, as this is my go-to tool do keep me sane (with filters not showing tasks that begin in the future)
  • automatically order starred tasks(favorites) at the very top (micro management for the day for the ultra “i do it now first” tasks)
  • do not show project name if it is the default one
  • group by priority and not show the priority every time

I have adapted the frontend code and wanted to show the progress so far. i plan to also redo the overall fields, ui etc. so that it looks better but the main idea is working for me now. have a look at this video:

Ideally one can keep it as clean and functional like ticktick. especially the right sidebar side, where you can have a big intelligend note field. maybe even some similar functionality like notion

For now i have created a new overview route for myself and copied the necessary components, which i needed to adapt into the folder. not very DRY - also the whole code is not really meant for a PR. however if this is super interesting for others and i make good progress i can see this maybe shared in some form or another. Given that my requirements are maybe very unique i don’t want to pressure this ui into everyone’s instance. Let me know what you think…

and here’s the ticktick ui as an example


Looks really nice. I think we can add a few things from your improvements:

  • The edit view in a sidebar: We had something like that in the past, but it didn’t have all options and became cluttered really fast. It was accessible by clicking on a “pen” icon on the right, maybe we could find a middle-ground between the two.
  • Group by priority: Could be made a setting - in the future it will be possible to show tasks grouped by buckets, similar to what Todoist allows you to do with their sections. We could have an option “Group by” with options none, buckets, priority.
  • Favourites at the top: That could be another setting to define the sort order. You can also adjust the position manually, if you want to have more important tasks at the top.

You could probably achieve some of what you want with a saved filter and due dates (maybe a filter “show me only tasks with a due date within the next 7 days”, as the due dates are already surfaced inline and can be easily changed).

What do have in mind specifically?

We’re currently in the process of redesigning a few things, not that we step on each other’s toes.

out of my head here are some remarks, but there is more once i have the time to make a design mockup

i think the sidebar is a really great addition and there is a reason why other editors also provide this, because you are not loosing context. glad to hear it was there at some point and at least is a consideration.

i know that some of the functions (especially hiding start date) are already possible today. i did that already just stumpled across more issues and then decided to have it directly there in my new view. for that i am basically just using the same filter settings as with the custom filters. I didn’t know that i could also use due dates, makes sense. the only downside is that i actually use both, starting date and due date sometimes for tasks which i want or can only start in the future and also have an actual due date until they have to be completed.

a general grouping functionality would be really nice yes! i didn’t know about the manual sorting of tasks,thanks for letting me know.

let’s do the following: given that my fork is anyway highly customized and you are working on a redesign anyway, i will try to come up with some nice additions myself and also work on the ui. i don’t think i will waste too many hours on that, so that anything that comes out of it and you like it, can then be agreed on to be maybe merged/integrated back into vikunja main.

for now i would say the sidebar panel is mostly the one which i would vote for to be integrated. i used “vue-resizable-panels” lib for that.

will also share my code in the next 2 weeks by creating a repo on my git instance.

Sounds great! Thank you for sharing.