Allow solid colour or gradients for backgrounds?

I was checking out some of the competition earlier this month, and I found Planka. It’s don’t have close to the features of Vikunja, and development may have stalled on it, but it sure looks nice.

It made me realize more often than not, I don’t want a picture background, I just want a solid colour or a gradient at most. The background in those screenshots is very pleasing to my eyes. Planka takes the concept of a board’s colour and applies it all over, not just to the dot on the left, which I also like – it makes the different boards easier to distinguish from one another at a glance.

So this would be the same color as the list color? Or is it a seperate background color?

I think we have an issue somewhere with a feature request similar to this.

Looks like Planka just defined them as css gradients: planka/styles.module.scss at 0d481703da52d0223b79995f29707d3022438430 · plankanban/planka · GitHub