Change Vikunja Logo and Color Scheme?

I just deployed Vikunja via Docker – loving it so far, but I am wondering if there’s a way to change the logo at all? I didn’t see an admin panel to change things like the name/logo of the site or color scheme or anything like that.

The logo is great but I’m looking for a more simple “To-Do” logo instead, like with a checkbox icon perhaps. Not a big deal but figured I’d check to see if this was possible.

A thought I had is a variable to add to the docker container to pull in the logo from another URL source, so we don’t need a direct way to upload it to Vakunja directly, but it could replace the existing logo with a URL of one we provide?

Great you like Vikunja!

Right now there’s no way to easily change the logo. You’d need to edit it in code and re-build the frontend + docker container. Even with a config variable it wouldn’t be as easy as “only changing a variable” because you’s still need to make sure the logo is properly accessible to all clients - modern browsers are a bit picky about loading resources from other domains and such (but that’s configurable).

I suppose my idea would be for the optional variable, if a user is implementing it one would assume they know what they are doing and making sure its properly hosted and accessible, etc. Otherwise it will just default to using your built in logo SVG file.

It would be a great way to offer some slight customization for users who want it, without causing too much more work for yourself – they would be the ones ultimately responsible for making sure it’s hosted somewhere that can be accessed.

Ultimately not a big deal though to not have this, it’s just a wishlist feature.

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