Way to delete all tasks? Shopping List Use Case

Hello, my use case here is that I am trying to create a shopping list that I can share with my partner so we can both add to it and access it. I have read these two feature requests and what I’m interested in is the same end goal:

I tried to do a quick ‘work around’ of this by duplicating the project, and deleting the original; but I realized that when I did this, it also duplicated all of the completed tasks.

I can delete the project each week, and create a new one, but then that means I also need to re-configure it by sharing it with the team, etc.

Off the top of my head, the ways to accomplish this is to either:

  1. Delete, re-create and re-configure the project OR
  2. Change the filter to ‘Show Done Tasks’, un-check each one, and delete them one by one. The un-checking of each one is because the filter does not save, and if I don’t do that I’d need to redo the ‘Show Done Tasks’

I’ve only been using the app for a week, so I’m wondering whether I’m unaware of a better way to accomplish my goal, or if one of the above two ways is the best one.

Currently, there’s no way to do this. We have project templates on the roadmap which seem to be doing what you need.

You could use a saved filter for this (go to “Projects” in the sidebar, then “new saved filter”).

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Thanks for your suggestion! Project templates do seem like it would accomplish that purpose as well.