Vikunja desktop freezing PC after run

PC is freezing each time i run vikunja desktop on Windows 10 so i need to reboot PC manually.
I tryed 0.18.1 and last unstable version with the same results.
Running app with windows7 compatible mode and other options doesn’t change anything. Video drivers update doesn’t change anything.

Also new log in system errorlogs appeared
Failed application name: bad_module_info, version:, timestamp: 0x00000000

Has anyone experienced the same problem? How to solve it?

That sounds like a bug, not sure if it’s a bug directly related to Vikunja. I’m able to run the latest Vikunja desktop app in my windows 10 vm just fine. You might want to open an issue at electron about this.

strange, but after i overklocked my memory to XMP profile bug is gone. So it’s not program issues and can be closed