Vikunja-desktop feedback/problems

Just gave the v16 vikunja-desktop appimage a spin (on manjaro linux).

Started fine, was able to login ok (once I remembered to use my api url not the frontend url, oops). But twice it’s just started spinning its wheels and failing to talk to the server, doesn’t do that in the browser.

Logging out and logging in again seems to fix it, but since the desktop app doesn’t remember url/username/password that gets a bit painful.

If all URLs would fail I’d think of a cors issue or something like that, but if it works most of the time that doesn’t sound like it.

Were you able to reproduce it? What exact steps did you do?

Trying again today and it seems fine.
Perhaps some temporary network issues were the root cause - odd that the browser/web app continued to work. :man_shrugging:

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