Vikunja App for the Smartphone

First of all, I really like Vikunja…
The installation was a bit bumpy, but now I’ve made it and I’m happy.

Unfortunately, I only noticed after the installation that the Android app is in a catastrophic state.
I’m originally from MS Todo, where I’m used to a nice Andorid app.
It was clear to me that I did not experience it the same way, but unfortunately the app is unusable for me…
The most important feature I’m missing is the quick addition of ToDo’s via the quick start tiles. [If you wipe down from above].

Unfortunately, I can’t use Vikunja because I depend on a good Android app.

Vikunja will continue to stay on my root server, only I will not be able to use it, and must hope that this feedback will be accepted and the app will be redesigned.

Apart from that, Vikunja is great, really good work!
Only for me unfortunately so useless.

I wish you a nice day and apologize for my bad English. I come from Germany. :slight_smile:

Yeah the app is in a not that great shape right now, mostly because we’re lacking the ressources to properly focus on it. It is being worked on though.

You’ll probably like this thread though: Android app resurrection

Have you tried using the pwa?

Also no worries about your English, most of us here learned English as a second language :slightly_smiling_face:

This is supported now in v0.0.11-alpha. Please note that current releases are only published on Releases · go-vikunja/app · GitHub

Let me know if you have any other feature requests.