After updating to 0.20.0 no login (user does not exist)

I’ve been using Vikunja under Unraid as Docker for a while now. Today I did the update, and now I can’t log in anymore. The Vikunja frontend and also the app connect to my server, but I get the message “User does not exist”.

Unfortunately, I don’t know much about Docker, but maybe my Vikunja database is broken? I hope that this will not be overwritten when I update the container?

Yup having the same issue, unraid docker install

Have you been able to solve the problem yet? I would like to have a look at the database, maybe we have the same problem as described in this post (Unable to login after update from 0.18.1 to latest (guess 0.19.2)).

I use Adminer as Docker, but don’t know how to access the Vikunja database with it.

Nope, wouldn’t know where to start

I don’t know anything about unraid, so most of this is wild guesses.

Do you have a way to get a shell into the db container? I assume you have an overview of all running containers somewhere, maybe there’s an action for that?

Yes, I can start a console in each container. But I don’t have a separate database-container for Vikunja. I have installed the Vikunja-docker without any modifications, and it seems like it uses its own database inside this Vikunja-container (SQlite?)

When I start a console in the Vikunja-container and type “ls”, I see:

  • a folder “files”
  • a file “vikunja” (I guess it is a file, at least I cannot cd into it)
  • finally the database named “vikunja.db”

When I navigate to /files/config, the folder is empty.

If it’s using SQLite you should mount the db file to the host. Otherwise it won’t be persisted across restarts of the container. Similar for the files directory though that should persist it’s contents in a docker volume. Not sure how unraid handles these though.

Unraid forum thread: [Support] A75G Repo - Page 21 - Docker Containers - Unraid

In the meantime, all the problems that existed under Unraid have been solved.

If someone uses the Vikunja template from A75G under Unraid, I recommend the thread in the Unraid forum: Link

A thousand thanks to A75G for his patience and of course especially kolaente for this great app.

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