Trello Import: Comments and Assignments

I recently imported some boards from Trello (with current unstable of Vikunja) and I’m really impressed how smooth and - above all - complete the imported data is :ok_hand: I’m just missing member assignments to tasks and comments. Which makes sense to me, since those members aren’t available yet on my Vikunja installation.

Is it still possible to import members and comments and create them as pseudonymous members that are linked in the background to the Trello user’s e-mail address (or other identifier)? So that they could be assigned later, after the users with the same credentials have joined Vikunja? Until then, their comments and assignments would be visible under their pseudonyms and thus readable without exposing them.

The most important thing to me is that the comments are “somehow” taken over, because we have a relatively large amount of information in comments in our Trello project. If pseudonymization is not possible, we are happy to do so without a reference to the member.

Thanks for your consideration and for Vikunja in general! :pray:

I did a test with a new Trello account with the same name and e-mail address as on Vikunja and a few cards (our main account has a lot of cards, so the import takes a couple of hours), but unfortunately we have the same problem with the comments. It would be very nice if there is a workaround.

Were you able to import all the comments from Trello over? I just tried it and got the board, cards, and attachments. I don’t see comments or event the archived cards.

Not sure if it’s a misunderstanding, but we were unable to import comments so far

I was hoping you found a way to get the comments since then.

We checked the sourcecode on github and there is no part which is taking care of the comments. We want to sponsor this feature and contacted the owner of Vikunja en they are willing to add it, so hopefully it’s supported in the near future


Import of comments would bei awesome! We use the comment function a lot and it would be a bummer to lose all those.

Comments are currently in progress.


Nice! Ist there any schedule? Would be great to have it when we’re doing our switch from Trello to Vikunja :blush:

If all goes according to plan, the next release will happen at the end of April. I hope to get the comments import done this week, if I won’t make it, it will be in two weeks. Will ping here once it’s in unstable.


Any chance that we can import Trello’s Archive cards too?

Migrating comments from Trello is now implemented. Please test it in the latest unstable build.

Big thanks to @ouddorp for sponsoring this!


Works perfect! Thank you, that’s so awesome! :smiley:

The comment order in Vikunja usually is from oldest to newest (newest are displayed at the bottom of the list). Imported comments are sorted the other way round (oldest at the bottom)

Should be fixed in 75f830457b and 6e2b540394. Please check with the next unstable build (ready in ~45min).