Mention/tag users/tasks in a task's description/comments


I’m self-hosting Vikunja for a while now, and it’s truely awesome to use with a very clean, professional and yet modern looking graphical interface.
Keep up the amazing work!

Would be great to have a feature which makes it possible to mention/tag other users or tasks in the task description and/or the comments.
Like with a @user or #! to open the tasklist and search for a task you want to link to for instance.

I don’t know if there is already something on the backlog for this, I’ve searched through the Feature Discussion category as well as the public Frontend tasks & the public API tasks on Vikunja, but couldn’t really find anything that addresses this feature.

Thanks in advance and keep up the amazing work!

Hi, thanks for the nice words!

Using @username to mention someone already works, there’s just no autocompletion for it. There are plans to include autocompletion once we got rid of easymde.

Wow, I did not know mentioning users was already included ! Fantastic, can’t wait for auto-completion :slight_smile:

Hi @kolaente, is autcomplete already implemented anywhere, like the assign-to-user box?

It appears that you need to type the complete username to add a user to a team or assign a task to a user, which means you need to, e.g., browse the database to find the user names, if I’m not mistaken.

Nevermind! I see that if the users gave a name, and have enabled discoverable-by-name, then suggestions will be provided by autocomplete.

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