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Hi !
I just opened my account and tried to import my data from Trello.
I got a message saying I had to wait for my data to be imported, but now I have no information about the process: has it started correctly? when will my data be available?
It would be nice to have some information about this, at least “your data is being imported”, to avoid multiple data imports.

Thanks for your work,

Edit : sorry i’ve post it here but maybe Feature Discussion is more appropriate ?

I still have no news of my importation after 3 days, i’ve try a new one this morning but still nothing actually. Are we sure that Trello importation works correctly ? I find nothing about it on the forum.

I’ve just checked this again, and it worked fine for me. I wasn’t able to find any errors about a migration from your account logged. Were you using to start the migration?

I’ve try two times, from, but i didn’t see anything imported yet.
When I authorize Vikunja to access my Trello account, I see the information about my 3 boards, then that I’ll be notified by email when the import is done - but still no news, I’ve also checked my spam.

Can you try again and tell me the exact time (and time zone) when you started the migraton? And can you dm me the email address you used to sign up?

Hi, have you seen my DM ? Still nothing after the last try

Hi, sorry for the delay. I’m currently looking into it, it seems like this only happened to new accounts which never migrated before - that was why I wasn’t able to reproduce it in my tests.
I’ll keep you updated.

This should now be fixed. Please try again.

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I made another attempt, I haven’t received the email yet so maybe it’s still in progress, but there seems to be a bug, or maybe it reactivated all the migrations I tried to run before(?) :

(They’re all empty for now)

It looks like there was a broken background file in one of your Trello boards which caused the migration to fail as a whole. This is now fixed and should not be happening anymore - please try again.

It should take only a few minutes, please report back if you didn’t get a mail about a complete migration after that.

It work this time and i’ve get the email, thanks !

Just an unimportant bug (?) with the URL, which doesn’t display correctly, probably due to trello’s “card” display of URLs :

> []( "smartCard-inline")

Thanks a lot for the fix !

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Glad it works now!

Was the URL part of a task description or in the title of a task?

It was part of the description :