Todoist import completed tasks

Is it possible to import Completed tasks from Todoist?

A quick glance suggests that only incomplete tasks get imported when using the migration tool, but it would be great to import complete tasks too to fully move away from Todoist.

The problem here is todoist does not expose completed tasks via their api. Last time I checked there are hacks around this but even those don’t work for all tasks. Happy for any hints on how to achieve this.

Thanks for the reply! I think Todoist expose completed tasks via their API (see here for an example Sync API Reference | Todoist Developer) but requires having a subscription. I have one at the moment - happy to provide any real-world examples if this might help?

This makes a lot of sense, thanks for the pointer. I’ll try something to make this work and ping once I have something for you to test.


I’ve put something together in aed560339b - please check with the next unstable build if everything works as expected.