Importing tasks from Todoist

Hey guys,

Just found this amazing piece of software and it was exactly what I was looking for to move away from Todoist.

I have Vikunja setup through docker on a raspberry pi 4. Everything runs smooth.
I would like to import my tasks from Todoist to Vikunja, I know this is possible with the ‘todoist migrator’, I have setup the necessary flags in config.yml but I do not see any other change.

Could someone please guide me through the process of using the migrator?


If don’t have any lists or tasks, there should be a button on the “overview” page.

If you already have lists or tasks you can access the migrator from the user settings (Top right arrow next to your name > Settings > Scroll down to “Migrate from other services to Vikunja”, click the button and follow the instructions). If you don’t see that button either, your migration is probably not set up correctly.

Thanks a lot for the reply and the great product!

I do not see the settings so I’m assuming the migrator isn’t set up correctly. I’m passing all of my configuration options as environmental variables in the docker-compose.yml file for ease of deployment.

I notice the environmental path for the todoist migrator is VIKUNJA_MIGRATION_TODOIST
In the code I notice there are 4 flags required by the migrator, I translated them to environmental variables and passed them through the docker compose file, namely -

and now I do see the option in the settings. However, when I click on it, I run into the following error -

The url I used to setup the todoist app is the same as the frontend url, which is the same url I am passing for the redirecturl, say ‘

What should the redirect url be in this case?

PS - I do have them setup in the config.yml file located at the root, but they don’t seem to be picked up by vikunja

Glad Vikunja is useful.

That should be something like <frontend url>/migrate/todoist. It need to match the one you configured in todoist when creating the application there.

This section of the example config might be helpful to you.

Have you mounted the config file into the container at one of the config file locations?

Thanks a lot for your help, Konrad. Vikunja is an amazing product!

I was able to get the migrator to work finally, needed to configure the redirect url in todoist’s app console exactly as you mentioned and the migration worked like a breeze.

I did not mount the config file directly, however I mounted the home directory and also specified the SERVICE.ROOTPATH environmental variable. I eventually passed all the configuration options needed as environmental variables in the docker-compose and things seem to be working fine!

Great to hear it’s working now!