Third-party authentication support (maybe SSO?)

In an ideal world, somewhere in a galaxy far, far away, I’d like to see support for LDAP or other authentication protocols. It’s nice to have my team sign in with just a single account for every service we host.

Yes, definitely. This is actually planned, it just doesn’t have a high priority currently but I’ve just moved it up the roadmap.

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Thanks for the fast response! Do you have a publicly-available roadmap? I’d be curious to see what’s happening with the project from time to time.

Yes! Actually, two: One for the api and one for the frontend.

Another authentication method here might be to support getting user authn from an identity aware proxy such as Pomerium. It can handle SSO and pass along a signed JWT to services behind it:

This looks promising, I wasn’t aware of such proxies. Thanks for pointing that out.

I’d like to focus on the usual suspects like ldap + oauth first though, but PRs welcome :upside_down_face: