The documentation has changed? vikunja/vikunja?

I was working on standing up a vikunja instance and I feel like just yesterday there was vikunja docker compose files split between frontend and api. So this morning I’m getting back to looking over the documentation to get it working and the docker compose file seems to be different and when I try to do docker compose for vikunja/vikunja it says manifest not found?

Error response from daemon: manifest for vikunja/vikunja:latest not found

Am I missing something in the docs now? I’m trying to do a self hosted instance to test it out.

Since yesterday the api and frontend are one binary (one docker image) - before that you had to deploy both independent of each other. There will be a release later today creating the latest tag. Until then, it should work if you set the tag to unstable on the docker image.

Ahhh gotcha. Sorry I guess I was impatient then. Lmao. That’s crazy I just looked into Vikunja yesterday to start poking around. Thank you so much for your quick reply and I’m excited to check this out!

I have to say this was quite a suprise - I ran an automation to upgrade my docker containers and Vikunja was restarting constantly. I had my alert streams filled up with a 100 restarts within minutes.
Fortunately looking at the logs revealed the issues and I was able to get it back up and running soon.
Happy I’m not production ready yet!
But thanks for unifying the docker image!

There is now a blog post out with details on how to upgrade: What's new in Vikunja 0.23.0 | Vikunja