Update to last versions via docker compose


I installed Vikunja with docker compose. From time to time, I do docker compose pull and I restart Vikunja if new versions were found.

But I don’t know if it works: it seems to me the images on the hub are updated, but docker compose does not pull them. In fact, I do not see the new French translations but on GitHub (frontend), they are present.

Thank you!

Are you on the latest or unstable tag? unstable is built off the main branch and is what you see in the git repo. latest is the last stable release.

I have
image: vikunja/api
image: vikunja/frontend
in the docker-compose.yml file, without any mention to stable or unstable. I suppose it must be stable. :smiley:

Thank you!

Yes, if you don’t specify a tag it will pull :latest which always points to the last stable release.

There has been a new release in the meantime, you might want to update again.

There’s an article in the docs explaining the different versions: Versions | Vikunja