Tasks with deadlines do not show in CalDAV

Hello everyone! I would like to ask a question, since I am lost. In advance, sorry if maybe I’m doing something wrong or the question is from a newbie.

I want to ask a question about CalDAV and how to make tasks able to be sent to a CalDAV client.
I have an installation created using docker-compose. Everything works well.

But in the CalDAV configuration section I already have a URL, a user, and a token as a password. With these credentials I have tried activation in several CalDAV clients. Even though I have several tasks with scheduled deadlines, none of them appear on my calendar.

Apparently there is no authentication problem, because none of them return an authentication error. I have even visited the URL in the browser, indicating the user and token, and I have obtained a downloadable *.ics… But totally empty. 0 bytes.

I have tried the same on the demo instance in try.vikunja.io, and I still get an empty *.ics file. Can anyone help me on how to get my tasks and their deadlines to display in the URL/ICS file, and have them display in the CalDAV client?

Thank you so much!

API version: 0.21.0
Frontend version: 0.21.0

Which clients did you try? Not all clients are supported, see CalDAV | Vikunja

The error you reported might be related #1608 - HTTP 500 Error on WebDAV Endpoint /projects/ - api - Gitea