Task Relations via Quick Add Magic?

I was wondering if there was any way to set parent, sub, or other relations through the “Quick Add Magic”? If this isn’t already a feature it would be pretty awesome to be able to add subtasks to an existing task through the main menu. Also maybe coloring the text when it’s recognized as a quick add so tell that it is detecting it!

You can add parent-child relations when the sub tasks are indented, using multiline input. Like this:

  subtask 1
  subtask 2
    sub substask 3
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Is there a way to add subtask to an existing task using this method? It seems like the only way is to click into the task then for every subtask click “add relation” then select subtask from, which is quite a few clicks.

Currently, there’s no way to do this with an existing task. You can use keyboard shortcuts to speed it up a little (press r to bring up the relation settings while on the task detail page)