Create subtasks based on list items

Say we have a task with a checklist in the description like this:

I often find out later, that a checklist item in a task is going to take way more time or effort than I had originally planned, and it deserves to be a task unto itself. It would be cool if we had a feature to take a checklist item and turn it into a related subtask so it becomes like this:


It would also be cool if subtasks were taken into account for the “1 of X tasks” at the top of the parent task. I mean, there are still 4 tasks to complete here, it’s just that one of them is a subtask and not a checklist item.

That would indeed be a nice addition. It should be straight-forward to add this to the indicator on the task detail view but I’m not sure about the performance implications if we’d show it on the other views as well.