Quick 'modfy' Magic

What about using the ‘magic’ when modifying a task? I’m starting with Vikunja and was surprised when realized that you cannot add a label just using *mylabel or move to another list using +mylist , set due date, etc when you are editing a task.

What do you think?

(I think we talked about this elsewhere)

The problem is how the task attributes are removed from the title once they’re parsed. That means they won’t shownup in the task detail view. It’s certainly possible to allow parsing of attributes in the task title but I feel like the ux would not be great here.

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And I think it is perfectly fine.

In my case, I use an “Inbox” to quickly enter any task/idea, and after that I “process” and classify things, so having the the “Quick Add Magic” active when editing will be very helpful.

Some logic/rules like

  • if you add the task to a list, you are moving it from the current list
  • using "# "or “-” to remove labels
  • adding a due date erases the former one
  • etc

could turn “editing title” in an edition-on-steroids, much more agile and maybe more mobile friendly (just use keyboard to edit) too.