Adding subtasks with quick add


I was wondering if there is a way to add a subtask directly from the “quick add” line?

I can add a “parent” task by just typing in “ABC” in the quick add line. Then, I can add another task, “DEF” and have to manually go into the newly created task and add a new link with “ABC” being the parent. Once I do that, UI shows my “DEF” task as: “ABC > DEF”.

Trying to add “ABC > XYZ” creates a task named just that without any linkages to the “ABC” task as a parent.

Is this even possible or is the normal workflow to manually add a link to a parent task?


You can do this, but need to indent subtasks with two spaces. Like this:


This will create the tasks “ABC” and “XYZ” with “XYZ” being a subtask of “ABC”.

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Awesome! That worked!

one more question on this… I am running Front End version 0.20.0 and API Version: v0.20.0. When I do this couple of times, I get multiple parent tasks with the same name. So, the end result is many parents with a single child. Am I doing something wrong?

It will create the tasks every time you enter something in the input field. I think you did nothing wrong it’s just that this is implemented differently than you might have thought.

so, this is the expected behavior?

Yes, that’s expected.