Subprojects UI/UX missing?

Currently, i’m unable to find any UI whatsoever, relating to Sub-Projects.

I’ve created a Sub-Project, but the only place where i can find it listed, is in the list of the projects, under “Projects”, unless i’m missing something?

If this is indeed by design, then there doesn’t seem to be much point to the concept of 'Sub-Projects".

What were you expecting?

When you share a project, its sub projects will be shared as well.

To be able to see the sub-project in the main navigation bar (in nested form).

But that’s already possible? Can you reproduce this on try?


It seems possible on try!

Is my (self-hosted) version not the latest?

Yours is the latest stable release, try runs on the latest unstable build. The stable release should have the changes, but if you can’t wait you could switch to unstable builds until the next release (make a backup first!).

Could you share when’s the next stable release scheduled for?

It’s not really scheduled, but I hope to get it out this year.