Sorting by priority in table view doesn't seem to work

Sorting by priority in table view doesn’t seem to work.


Can you reproduce this on try?

It seems to work fine for me there:

Yep. Please see screenshots.

Another screenshot.

I’m seeing the same thing in Firefox and Chrome.

Ah, I see now. I have to click the other columns to tell it to not sort by #, Done, Title, and Due Date.

I think kinda like that functionality, but I think my other users will find it confusing. Any suggestions?


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As you correctly figured out you need to unselect sorting by # so that it can sort by priority.

Not sure how to make the ux for this better, maybe unselecting the # when sorting by anything else? I feel like that might be confusing as well.


Well, it’s a de factor standard to unsort by everything else when clicking to sort by a column. Take, for example, this table of countries in Wikipedia.

However, I actually like what you have, since it makes it possible to sort by multiple columns easily. I think the problem is just making it clear that it’s deviating from the standard. Maybe text that explicitly says, “Sorting by task ID and priority.” Maybe it could just be enabled for new accounts?

Also, is it not possible to rearrange columns? What if you wanted to sort first by due date, and then by priority?

How would that work when you want to sort by multiple columns?

I feel like this would make it more complicated. Maybe rather add a setting or a shortcut (like “Press and hold shift while clicking to sort by multiple columns”)

It should work if you click on the columns in the order you want to sort.

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