Sixth project created disappearing in the projects tab

Hi, I’m tinkering with Vikunja, and I installed it on version v0.23.0 the same as GitHub, and I found something that I think might be a bug, it’s disappearing the sixth project created.

Can you reproduce this on try or with an unstable build?

It looks like the “Inbox” project is translated in the menu (“Caixa de entrada”, if my little Spanish knowledge is correct), but it seems like “Faculade” is missing in the projects overview.

Hi, I took the test through ‘try’ and the same thing happened, the project ‘teste4’ doesn’t appear in the overview.

Well that looks like a bug. I’ll take a look.

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Hi, did you manage to see anything about the paintings?

We have also had multiple projects disappear. It seems random. Different users. Some projects that have been present and in use as a template. Some new and unused as yet.

We have had a case where it showed up on the logged in phone of a user and then was not visible on their PC when they logged in later. Their phone still showed it, even with a refresh, but the project was not found on the PC, even when searching by name.