Setting up Microsoft To-Do import

I am trying to set up import from Microsoft To-Do in Vikunja, but I can not find any detailed documentation on that topic. Is it available somewhere?

There’s more information in the default config file: api/config.yml.sample at main - api - Gitea

At the risk of sounding like a complete idiot I have no idea how Azure works (I never used it). I have tried a bunch of settings over the past week but nothing worked. Hence my request for detailed setup documentation.

Last time I’ve used it it was literally trying a bunch of things until it works. There is a link to a help article which helps to get going but Azure is still a massive PITA.

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Couldn’t you post an example setup?

The config in Vikunja itself is pretty simple:

    enable: true
    clientid: <some-uuid>
    clientsecret: <some secret>

There’s a setup doc from microsoft on how to get the credentials: Quickstart: Register an app in the Microsoft identity platform - Microsoft Entra | Microsoft Learn