"Remember" list view when navigating between lists

It would be great if lists could “remember” their mode, so when I go away from a Kanban list it’s still a Kanban list when I go back to it and not a normal list.

Seems absolutely doable.

There’s a “root” component all different list views inherit from, they do the redirection to the list view.
I think the easiest way would be to just put the current view in local storage or something like that and then just load it from there if the root component is loaded :thinking:

Implemented in 12727900de and 0d94386e99 :tada:

You can try it on try.vikunja.io.

I can’t login to try.vikunja.io! It asks me for a TOTP token. Is it because I have 2FA on my personal Vikunja instance and it’s using the same settings? :thinking:

Hmm seems like someone enabled totp for the demo account. I’ve reset the db and it should work now.

Your instance and the demo instance are not connected in any way.

There seems to be something else wrong. As soon as I click on a list, the enter task screen for #0 comes up with 2 error popups at the bottom with “404 this task does not exist”

I can’t reproduce that on try. Can you? Could you provide a bit more information about how to reproduce this?

This is what I see when I click on any list on try.vikunja.io, can’t see any list since this screen just comes up when I click on any list’s name.

You mean if you click on a list in the menu?

Yes, on the left sidebar.

OK, just tried on Chrome works fine. Seems to be a Firefox issue, maybe some of my privacy settings…? My self-hosted instance works fine.

Anyways, tested the demo instance and now the view option gets applied to all lists and that wasn’t what I meant.

What it is now: change one list to kanban, all lists are kanban.
What I meant: change list X to kanban, list X is always kanban. Other lists are the default (“list”) until they’re also changed to something else.

Hope that makes sense.

Interesting, I’m using Firefox and could not reproduce it. I’ll keep an eye on it though…

I’ve change that in 8592652e5b, it now saves the last view on a per list basis.

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Thanks! How can I get this? Is it part of the next version?

Yes, it will be part of the next version. You can already test it in the latest build from master (dl.vikunja.io and then master version) or the latest docker image.

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