Recurring tasks don't show up in custom filters


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As suggested in that discussion, I tried creating a custom filter that only shows tasks with start date in the past. I did this by creating a filter with no other options but the start date set to “NOW/Y to NOW/Y-5Y”. This doesn’t seem to work for recurring tasks; I have several weekly tasks with a start date this Monday (today is Friday at the moment of writing this) that I have not completed yet, but they are not showing up in the custom filter.

I don’t know if this is a bug or am I missing something?

The filter you created shows tasks with a start date between the beginning of the current year (january 1st) and “the beginning of the year minus 5 days”. If your start date is between that range it will show up, but you’re probably looking for a filter like now-1000d to now which will show all tasks with a start date between the last 1000 days and now. You could also do now/y to start at the beginning of the year instead of 1000 days ago.

In the dialog where you can set this there’s a link with an explanation.