Quick-Edit Due Date Broken

The quick calendar view for editing due dates appears to be broken.

When selected, the calendar popup appears and then closes itself with 1-2 seconds. An error appears in the bottom left corner of the screen which reads “Error: Invalid time value”. This happens without selecting anything in the popup.

This bug occurs with all the tasks I’ve tried to quick-edit.

Do you mean this?

Can you reproduce this on try?

Yep, just made a new task called “test something” due next week. Clicking on the “due in…” text causes the calendar to appear and then close shortly after.

I assume hardware isn’t relevant but I’m using a 2020 m1 MacBook Air.

In every case I’ve been using the new text based approach to due dates (I entered “test something next week” to demonstrate the issue). Maybe it’s an issue with how the text translates into date format?

Which web browser? Safari? Happens on Safari on my Big Sur testing box.

Yep, up-to-date Safari on latest version of Big Sur. Does this mean you don’t have this issue on other browsers/OS?

Works fine on Chromium on Linux, yes. I’d try a different browser as a workaround, Safari is well known as being buggy when it comes to web apps these days*.

Try Vivaldi (Chrome based) or Firefox for instance.

(* You don’t need to take my word for it, there have been a handful of articles about this in the last few weeks, see For developers, Apple’s Safari is crap and outdated and Safari isn’t protecting the web, it’s killing it for a couple of very well written examples.)

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Ok, yep. I can confirm that it works fine when try to quick-edit the due date using Chrome web browser for macOS. So it’s clearly an issue with Safari. I might look at moving to Firefox to avoid issues like this.

Firefox is still set as my default, but can suffer a bit from Chrome’s dominance meaning sloppy web devs don’t test in Firefox.

So if you find yourself needing a Chromium based browser for something that’s not working try Vivaldi, the company behind it has the same sort of ethos as Mozilla.

As adrinux already pointed out, safari is the new IE Because I don’t own a Mac, I can’t verify and fix that issue, unfortunately. Would accept a PR if someone wants to tackle it though.

Once the Mac builds for the desktop app work, you may want to take a look at those (switching browsers for a single web app might be a little overkill).