Switching Sites on IPad OS Safari from editing site

I have choose a task for editing on my iPad with the webbrowser Safari. After editing I can’t switch to any site with the left menu bar. Nothing happens.

On the screenshot you can see, that I have select Übersicht in the menu bar.

Can you reproduce this with https://try.vikunja.io?

yes I can reproduce this.

I have add a priority and select hoch. Then I select Anstehend (1) or select something in 2. The menu doesn’t do something.

Edit. I do another test and for this test it works :man_shrugging:

Edit 2. I have add the priority and then I press the button speichern. Then it doesn’t work.

I was unable to reproduce this on my IPad. I did notice sometimes you’ll need to tap twice on a menu entry but it works in general.

Thank you for the tip to click twice.

Now I have test it on an second iPad with Safari.

Please try this:

  1. Klick on “set on due date”
  2. Set the date an click on “confirm”
  3. Click on “save”
  4. Click something on the menu bar

I have also try this with my iPhone. I can’t use the menu after step 3.