Quick add task to a list in a namespace


Is there a way to use quick add magic to add a new task to a list in a particular namespace?

My configuration is as follows:

  • I have 2 namespaces: ‘Work’ and ‘Personal’
  • Each namespace has a list named ‘Tasks’

How would I add task “A” to a “Personal → Tasks” list and task “B” to a “Work → Tasks” list?


That’s currently not possible. If you quickly want to create a new list, try the quick actions (ctrl + k).

oh, cool! I didn’t know about ctrl+k combo!

so, there is no way to specify a “#namespace > list” when creating a task?

What is the optimal workflow when working with namespaces?

That’s correct.

I use it to group multiple related lists together. Lists and namespaces will go away though and be replace by “Projects” which are infinitely nestable. This will allow for the most flexibility.