Missing Documentation on "Quick Add Magic"

I can’t find any docs on how to use Quick Add Magic, only forum posts here and this announcement: What's new in Vikunja 0.18.0 | Vikunja

After quite a while I now figured out that I have to enable it, even on https://try.vikunja.io where I expected it to work out of the box.
Furthermore, if Quick Add Magic is off and there is no default list, adding tasks from the home screen seems to be impossible.

In fact, I haven’t found any user documentation except for the feature overview page, making it quite hard for me to get into all the powerful features of vikunja.

And by the by, the installation docs mention the app is a fine substitute for the web frontend, which does not seem to be the case

There’s a bit of documentation in Vikunja itself, but as you already figured out you need to enable it first to use it.

I hope to add more user-documentation about Vikunja in the future because that’s definitely lacking. PRs welcome!

It should be enabled out of the box - I’ve just pushed a change in 24f3477d4b to make sure that’s actually the case. Should be ready on try in ~ 30 Min.

I’ve clarified that as well.

Searched for documentation as well and unable to find. Can you please point me to the Quick Add Magic documentation?

If you click on the “what” next to “you can use quick add magic” there should be a popup explaining how it works.

Yes I see now. Thanks. Still it would be nice if there will be examples of usage in the documentation.