Public Boards: Kanban only, audio embed

I am looking for a Padlet replacement for sharing resources (links, files etc) in education settings and not for task managemt and Vikunja seems to be a good open source option as it is very flexible! It is possible to make boards public and make the good looking (cover images).

To make Vikunja a real replacement: Is there an option to embed Audio-files - it does not seem sp? I tried with markdown and html and it did not work.

Is it pssible to make public boards Kanban only? You can make them default, but it does not seem possible to hide the other options?

I have installed Vikunja with Yuinohost, thanks a lot!

Thanks for your interest!

You mean adding an audio file and having it play? With a player in the description or comment or only in the attachments overview?

Currently, that’s not possible. There is a plan to change the views so that this will be possible at some point in the future.