Share Projects without paying twice

As “power user” I’m willing to pay for an APP that supports me in my daily live.

Is it somehow possible to add my wife to a few (not all!) of my vikunja clud projects?
Id like to share the grocery list or some importend ToDo’s which we need to accomplish for our son,
Max 3 to 5 projects / lists.
But we don’t want to pay for two accounts nor I want to share my password and grant my wife access to all my projects.
Is there a way how we can archive this?

Right now we’re using ToDoist. - I have a paied plan and she uses the free version.

You can create a link share. In the project, go to the “Share” menu (the three dots next to the title) and then create a new link share, optionally with a name and password. With the link, your wife can access the project without needing an account.

This is a really cool option for granting access to the projects.
But unfortunately I won’t be able to convince my non-tech-savvy wife of this.
Please correct me if I have misunderstood something.
I can share the link as described without a password and thus grant someone rights to the existing project and the list it contains.
That’s really really good!
I can create this link as a bookmark in the mobile browser. But unfortunately I can’t create it as an app from the mobile browser. - At least only to get access to this specific project.
Then I tried to save the saved bookmark on the Android 14 home screen of the Pixel 7. Unfortunately, this no longer works (there are various instructions on the Internet according to which it should work, but it doesn’t work for me), neither with Firefox, Brave or Chrome.
Luxury problem, but the way open browser → bookmark manager → select link to the Vikunja project is too cumbersome.

Furthermore, I need a separate link for each project. I have created a screenshot in which I have created a “Lohmann Familie” parent folder. Although this project contains a test task, I only use it for structuring purposes.
It contains two projects that I really want to use as to-do lists: “Einkaufsliste” and “Bennet”.
Is it possible to share only the parent parent folder and see and edit the underlying children from the parent folder view?

Update: I can’t share my Screenshots. But I hope it’s clear from my description. If - I 'm happy to clarify.

Did you try adding the PWA to the home screen?

Currently, that’s not possible with link shares, only if you share a project with a user.

If it would make it easier for you, I can give you a discount so that your wife can try Vikunja without paying as much.

Yes I used the shared link and tryed to create a PWA from this. But when I started the PWA it asks me for the (or any) credentials.

I’ll keep it in mind and come back to it via DM if necessary.
Or Mastodon or anything else if DM is not in this forum working :slight_smile: