Project contains tasks or informations


I have a feature requests when viewing the projects

It would be nice to have an option in the project settings to “ don’t show in overview.”

The background is: I have a project vacation.

Vacation appointments can be managed well in Vicuna, but they are not tasks that need to be completed.

Perhaps you could also define project types as an alternative
(o) Task (display in todos)
(_) Info (nothing to do)

thanks in advance

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You can already do this by first creating a saved filter showing only the projects you want to see in the overview, then setting that filter as what should be shown on the overview page in your user settings.

It is a little bit tricky to add all projects to hide one.
But it works and i learn something about saved filter.
What iam missing here is an option
sort by project alphabetical

Sorting is on the roadmap.

With the next release, you have a lot more flexibility with creating filters, that will allow you to “exclude” certain projects without having to specify all.

Good to hear and congratulations for this fantastic product. I have tried several and must say that vikunja is absolutely the best.

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