Problem with cloudflare and subdomains

I followed the guide here Docker Walkthrough | Vikunja

I have vikunja installed on my $5 digitalocean server (working fine)

i added the ip add of my digitalocean server to cloudflare so i can access it from a subdomain.

but its not working. and i have no idea why

I hope someone can help me fix this, thank you

What does “its not working” mean exactly? What is not working?

i sent you a pm with the ip info

What happens when you open the domain?

(Got your PM, figured I’ll respond you here so it might help others)

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this is what happens.

Are you accessing your site through cloudflare via https?

Yes i am accessing the site via https

Are you hosting it on your server with https?

all i did was make a new digitalocean droplet and install docker and vikunja (im a total linux newbie)

Then Vikunja is only running on http (port 80). To make it available on https (port 443), you will need to host it with https on your server. Cloudflare can only help you there in that it can give you a valid tls certificate for free but it can’t make a site you’re hosting on http available via https.

Check out this thread for information on how to do this with a self-signed certificate:

as a linux newbie this is too hard for me, i give up sorry

really wanted to use and support vikunja but its just too hard for a newbie to setup and use.

I was also a complete newbie when I started exploring Vikunja.
I understand what you’ve been through.
So I rewrote the steps I did successfully after a series of failed tests.
This is a collection from tutorials on the internet, tweaked to make it work in my case.
Hope it helps you:


Wow that’s a nice tutorial! I’ve added a linkt to it in the docs in the “other installation resources” section.

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Thank you. Hope this post will help newbies like me

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