Hositng vikunja on a specific uri

Hey there,
I found this todolist and decided to host one myself, but I’m facing some problems: I have no clue what I need to do and to what extent to get it working.
A problem I am facing is, that I want to run this at domain/todo and not at domain. If I just use nginx to proxy_pass from the uri to the server, then vikunja will still try to acess the js files at domain, so it just gets 404s.
I tried editing the files in the docker image, which worked, but these changes don’t save, so I can’t really do anything about this right now.
What am I supposed to do?

EDIT: I completely rewrote this issue, because it was hard to understand

Hosting the vikunja fronted on a sub path isnt really supported. You’d need to add a prefix in the build config and then build it yourself.

Aww… Thanks anyways.