Non-american format date

Hi everyone,

I just discovered Vikunja through Yunohost and I love it. My only issue (and I could not find any mention of it on the gitea or here) is that the date format in quick add seems to be American mm/dd/yyyy even though the example for quick add is non-american dd/mm/yyyy. Is there a hidden setting somewhere I did not find to change how the date is interpreted when creating a task?

There’s no setting for this, it should work as in the example. Can you reproduce it on try?


Thanks for your answer! I just went to check the try page and I don’t see quick add magic there, adding a task like “test 12/10” does not seem to add a new test task with due date.

Now on my installation, I just did a small gif recording of a test. You see that using the task “test 12/10” created a task with due date on 10th of December.

I just found this: #755 - Quick Add Magick: Support localized date formats - frontend - Gitea

It sounds like this issue has been reported upstream already.

Yeah the demo user does not have quick add magic enabled by default, you’ll need to enable that in the settings before you can use it there.

Indeed, after activating I tested it and had the same issue, so I guess this is something hard coded for now, as per the issue I shared in my earlier answer.