Assigning user via Quick Add doesn't remove the "@user"

Sorry if this is intended functionality, but other Quick Add things like due dates don’t follow this same behavior, so I think it’s a bug.

For example, if I use Quick Add to add the task “@Jeff this is a test” it will get assigned to Jeff (me) and keep the full text of “@Jeff This is a test”.

However, if you add a task “this is a test tomorrow” then it will add a task of just “this is a test” and set the due date.

Example of both: Both were added using the Quick Add syntax.

This happens regardless of whether you put the user at the beginning, middle, or end of the task:

I actually just thought of how this would behave with multiple users and found that it apparently is only affecting my user. I created one task starting with “@Jeff @Samantha” and one starting with “@Samantha @Jeff” and both times it only left “@Jeff”. Example:

Is your username “Jeff”? Can you reproduce this on I feel like we’ve seen this bug in the past but it should be fixed now.

Yeah, my username is “Jeff”. I am on a slightly older version (Frontend Version: 0.20.3; API Version: v0.20.2) but I didn’t see anything in the release notes that would indicate this was fixed in the releases since. Maybe I missed something though. I could not reproduce this in Try when logged in as the Demo user.