No reminder email with self-hosted instance


I don’t receive any email when I set reminders on tasks.

I suppose that the email part is well configured 'cause I receive emails every morning (at 8.00 am) for overdue tasks and I receive email to download my data when I request it.

I don’t see anything conclusive in the logs.

(Frontend and API version: 0.18.1, hosted thanks to Yunohost)

Thanks !


Did you enable the “Send me reminders for tasks via Email” setting in user settings?

Yes I did.
(and I have to write a few more characters for this message to be send :wink:)

Do the reminders not arrive at all or just at the wrong time (after a few hours, for example)?

If you enable debug logging, is there any output at the time when the reminder is due to be sent?

Reminders not arrive at all. I’ve nothing about it in standard.log (Log level is set to info)

Today, I have set a reminder at 3:00pm, and the last line of standard.log is about error “Topt is not enabled for this user” which is not relative to my problem here, I guess.

Several days ago, the mailer configuration was defective and I had traces of the problem in standard.log. Since I corrected the configuration, emails about overdue tasks are fine as I mentioned, and I have no trace of the problem relative to reminders in logs.

I correct my previous message. I sometimes have this line in standard.log : INFO mail/func Closed connection to mailserver few minutes after a reminder.

That sounds like the reminder is getting sent and then lost somewhere along the way. If you set the log level to debug, are there any messages about reminders around the time when they are due?

I’ve just set a reminder at 23:43.
Here is the log around this time:

I think this could be a time zone issue.

Do you get a reminder when you set one for 2+ hours in the future? Or -2h in the past?

Yes you’re right! I’ve to add 2 hours to receive a reminder.

In config.yml, timezone is well set to Europe/Paris

That looks like youre hitting this known issues: #877 - Reminders being sent using UTC instead of configured timezone. - api - Gitea

I would like to address this with a user setting for the time zone which is a bit complicated to get right.

Thank you. So I’ll wait for this problem to be solved :slight_smile: