Natural language for recurring tasks

Hello @koalent !

I’ve seen you want to implement natural language for recurring tasks (thank you !), so I thought of dropping here the most complete implementation of this I’ve seen (from Todoist).

I hope it serves as a good starting point for you ! :grinning:

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PR is up: #1105 - feat: recurring for quick add magic - frontend - Gitea

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PR has just been merged, please check with the next unstable build or on try once the CI released it (in ~30min).

Just noticed that with the natural language implementation of recurring tasks, defining an hour is not working. For example: new tasks every two days at 19:00 gets converted to new tasks at 19:00 repeating every two days

You mean it should set a due date to 19:00 when you create a task like this? The repeating amount is parsed independently from the rest.

If you create a task “new task every two days next monday at 19:00” it creates a repeating task every two days with a due date starting next monday at 19:00. Is that what you had in mind?

Ok I see what I got wrong. In Todoist I could do New task every two days at 7pm and because I didn’t specify a day, it would interpret this input as New task beginning today at 19:00 and repeating every 2 days.

In Vikunja I just have to explicitly do New tasks every two days today at 19:00 and it works.

So, not a crucial problem.

Thank you so much for adding this feature, nevertheless, it’s a huge decrease in time and friction in creating tasks ! The cherry on the cake will be autocomplete :grinning: