Listing user from CLI not show the user create from WEB

I’ve installed vikunja on our server, but when a user create an account from web it work flawless, but if i try to list the user from cli, i cannot see any users.
~# /usr/local/bin/vikunja user list
2024-04-30T15:31:15.236705477Z: INFO :arrow_forward: config/InitConfig 001 Using config file: /etc/vikunja/config.yml
2024-04-30T15:31:15.245307342Z: INFO :arrow_forward: migration/Migrate 05b Ran all migrations successfully.

The same behaviour happen if i try to create an user from CLI.
The user was created successfully, i can list it, but the login from web doesn’t work…
Any ideas?

How is the web service started? Does it use the same config file as the cli?

I also see this issue i.e web created users do not show up when using the command

vikunja user list
Vikunja version v0.23.0

There’is a bug with relative and absolute path… if you call the CLI with sudo (i.e) sudo vikunja create … etc, it create a new sqlite DB on root directory.
If you launch this command (from root) find / -name vikunja.db you will find more than one DB files on different path.