Can't create first account: Request failed with status code 404


I’ve just installed Vikunja “vikunja-v0.19.0-linux-amd64-full” and “Vikunja Desktop-0.19.0.pacman” packages.

Now I’m getting “Request failed with status code 404” when trying to create the first account. What I’m missing?

Did you configure an API connection?

The frontend should ask you for one but this may be a bug.

No, I didn’t configured a API connection.

After installing the packages, I started the service:

sudo systemctl enable vikunja
sudo systemctl start vikunja

So I ran the Vikunja Desktop app. I remember that as soon as the program window opened there was a message informing about not having been found the address of the service and also informing the address where the service was running. Then I clicked “change” and entered the address provided in the program window (Using Vikunja installation at

After that I just tried to create the new account. I also noticed that there is a file called /opt/vikunja/config.yml.sample. I renamed the file to `/opt/vikunja/config.yml and restarted the service but I was also unsuccessful in creating the new account.

Please, which part of the documentation should I follow to solve the problem?

Is your api running correctly? You can verify this with curl localhost:3456/api/v1/info. If it works you should get a JSON response back.

If the api works correctly, put localhost:3456 in the input that shows up when you click “change”.

(Both things assume you didn’t change the api port)

If you don’t want to configure anything you don’t need a config file. The values in the sample file are the defaults anyway.

Thanks! It worked!

After your guidance I was able to create the new account and access Vikunja desktop!

curl localhost:3456/api/v1/info
{"version":"v0.19.0","frontend_url":"","motd":"","link_sharing_enabled":true,"max_file_size":"20MB","registration_enabled":true,"available_migrators":["vikunja-file"],"task_attachments_enabled":true,"enabled_background_providers":["upload"],"totp_enabled":true,"legal":{"imprint_url":"","privacy_policy_url":""},"caldav_enabled":true,"auth":{"local":{"enabled":true},"openid_connect":{"enabled":false,"redirect_url":"\u003cfrontend url\u003e","providers":null}},"email_reminders_enabled":true,"user_deletion_enabled":true,"task_comments_enabled":true}
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