Latest frontend + Latest API

Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘id’)
I receive this error when going to any of the boards…

overall, seems very janky…
Creating an account. Does create the account but produces an internal server error despite working.
email verifications does not change status from 0 to 1 in the database, I presume this is the intended behaviour…

I can create, comment, edit, share it seems, but going to said boards on the left hand side produces “Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘id’)”

The desktop application works fine with the same API URL.
frontend appears to be really buggy. I understand this is unstable but the prior version doesn’t work at all…

Can someone perhaps provided me with some known stable versions that work together.
It is becoming hard to tell what is my issue and what is vikunja’s issue.

I have done my fair share of helpdesk to think that if it’s working fine on the desktop side, it’s not likely to be the API. if it was the API it would happen to my other users on their clients and I have run the sames tests on the Desktop side as the frontend side…

Gathering versions:
Desktop: 0.22.1
API: 0.22.1 (RPM, Rhel host)
Frontend: Unstable - 04/13/2024 11:36:59 AM

Those are not the latest versions. Please update to 0.23 or an unstable build.

You should also always use compatible versions of the frontend and the api. Using different versions is not supported. This also means if you’re using unstable api builds, you need to use unstable frontend builds.

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