iOS mobile safari gets logged out each day

I’m using Vikunja (selfhosted) on my Mac and on my iPhone. After logging in, my Mac works fine for days, but on iOS, it looks like the session is expired after a day. Howcome? I haven’t really explicitly logged out, but still I need to re-login again after a day. This only happens on iOS.

I just found out that I haven’t set yet VIKUNJA_SERVICE_JWTSECRET as an environment var. I just did that. Let’s see what happens tomorrow. If it’s not working yet, I will report here.

Maybe ios resets local storage after a day or something like that? There’s nothing built into Vikunja explicitly to log you out on iOS after a day.

If you don’t specify that variable, it will regenerate a new one when you restart the service, invalidating all existing sessions. That would log you out on desktop as well though.

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Now, after a day, my iOS device is still logged-in. So it looks like the *VIKUNJA_SERVICE_JWTSECRET var indeed solved the problem. I will keep an eye on it.

Thanks for your quick support by the way!