Malformatted jwt token logout

I’m using the Vikunja frontend and API in Dockers on a system alongside a MariaDB. Login from multiple devices and creating tasks in Vikunja works great, I love it! But every time I start each device after some time and refresh the Vikunja frontend webpage, I get logged out with the message “malformatted jwt” in the bottom left corner.

I can access the /api/v1 page of the API Docker and the MariaDB works also fine. I even set the VIKUNJA_SERVICE_JWTSECRET environmental variable in the API docker, but nothing worked.

Do you have any advice I can try? Thanks

The jwt token is valid only for 72h by default. You can increase that value in the config. I’d suggest using the “Stay logged in” checkbox though, that will keep you logged in for 30 days (and you can increase that as well).

You should set a jwt secret in the config though, if you don’t do this, all sessions are invalidated every time you restart the api because a new one is generated on startup.