Images of actual vikunjas

I recently stumbled over Vikunja and want to give it a try. So far it looks really promising! There is one thing i noticed and couldn’t resist pointing out: Looking at the images on and also the demo-instance/login page, they are all showing lamas and alpacas, but no actual vikunjas. Also vikunjas are not white, as the logo suggests :nerd_face:

Don’t take this too serious and keep up the good work :hugs:

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Ha, good point! The difficulty is to actually find good photos of Vikunja which are also available to be used freely in an open-source project. I’ll happily take any pointers :slight_smile:

Valid point! I happen to have a few photos from a trip to Bolivia. They are not of great “marketing quality” as they happen to just be casual shots, but if you want you can have them. Is there a way to send you a link to a photo album in private?

Sure! Send me a mail at