Best practices for using Vikunja

Happy to discover this promising, open-source, self-hosted to do app. Thanks for your efforts. My previous task management system is basic, and Vikunja offers a lot of new, powerful features.

I’m looking for any tips to get the most out of Vikunja. What are some recommendations for how to structure namespaces, lists, and labels? I didn’t find anything in the docs explaining design principles and intended use.

I’m sure a lot of this is up to the individual and their preferences, but I’d love to see how others use Vikunja for inspiration.

Hey there :wave:

For individual use I have one namespace and a list for each “thing” I do - that’s usually short projects, my grocery list, “collection lists” for things like books I want to read etc. I usually dump everything in the list it belongs into and then add due dates and reminders, sometimes labels to make sure I actually do it.
Quick add magic is something I use a lot when creating new tasks.

For other things like software projects I create at least a dedicated list and work with labels, kanban and comments to organize everything that should be done. For bigger projects (like Vikunja itself) I have a dedicated namespace and a few lists - Vikunja for example has a list for Frontend, API, Marketing, etc.

Vikunja’s List are public: api | frontend

If you’re already using a task manager I’d start to use Vikunja like the old one and then gradually use more features of it.